NEWS22 October 2012

InContext adds Tobii 3D eye-tracking

Europe Technology

SWEDEN — Eye tracking specialist Tobii Technology has partnered with InContext Solutions to add tracking solutions to InContext’s 3D virtual research products.

InContext Solutions, which makes 3D product and store simulations, will use the Tobii eye-tracking research services in its virtual shopper studies.

The companies say the addition of eye-tracking will make it possible to see what a consumer looked at specifically on a shelf or package, providing insight into the subconscious and habitual behaviour that a consumer engages in while making a purchasing decision.

Mary Shea, chief commercial officer at InContext Solutions, said: “We are now able to provide our clients with deeper data, taking them into the mind of the shopper and, ultimately, helping them determine what drives purchase decisions at the shelf.”

Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America, added: “With the addition of our robust eye-tracking technology, a researcher can now understand precisely what the respondent looked at just prior to taking a desired action, helping define product visibility and offering a way to standardise and benchmark product consideration in similar categories.”