NEWS18 January 2021

Inclusion ‘biggest challenge’ for data marketing industry

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UK – Diversity and inclusion is the biggest issue facing the data and marketing sector, according to a Data & Marketing Association (DMA) survey.

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Almost two-thirds ( 62%) of industry participants reported that ‘diversity and inclusion’ is the key challenge facing the industry in the coming years.

The second biggest issue highlighted by the survey was ‘recovering post-Covid-19’, cited by 59%.

Half of respondents ( 50%) reported that building an ethical data approach was the industry’s biggest challenge.

Other concerns included attracting talent ( 41%), better understanding customers ( 40%), reinforcing customers’ trust ( 39%) and Brexit ( 37%).

When asked about barriers to improving customer engagement and marketing campaigns for their own organisations or for clients, budget limitations was the leading issue, mentioned by over half ( 55%) of respondents.

The DMA conducted the research in October 2020 via an online survey of 229 respondents working in data and marketing in the UK who had been invited to judge the DMA Awards 2020.

Tim Bond, head of insight, DMA, said: “Diversity and inclusion are key principles of intelligent marketing, which puts people first to drive sustainable business growth. In order for our industry to better serve the customer, it is vital that the workforce is truly representative of them.”