NEWS1 May 2013

IMS Health acquires Semantelli

M&A North America

US — Technology, information and services provider to the healthcare industry IMS Health has acquired social media analytics company Semantelli Corporation.

The acquisition is aimed at extending IMS Health’s marketing and consumer engagement capabilities for healthcare organisations around the world and Semantelli joins IMS’ suite of social media solutions that support healthcare companies in the areas of market assessment, competitive intelligence, brand performance, risk management and consumer/healthcare professional engagement.

Semantelli offers clients cloud-based tools that automate the collection of healthcare-specific social media content, providing real-time monitoring for reputation and opportunity management and delivering insights into consumer and physician behaviour and sentiments.

“This acquisition marks an important step in expanding IMS’s capabilities in the social media management and analytics space, where there is accelerating demand for solutions that help clients take advantage of new channels to connect more actively with healthcare professionals and consumers,” said Stefan Linn, senior vice president, strategy & global pharmaceutical solutions, IMS Health.