NEWS24 February 2021

IDM launches AI course for marketing industry

AI News UK

UK – The Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM) has partnered on an online course on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for marketers with Southampton Data Science Academy (SDSA).

group of students wearing graduation gowns and caps

Course participants will be instructed on subjects such as the fundamentals, capabilities and limitations of AI, ethical guidelines on AI’s use and how AI can enhance their role and company.

The course will combine self-paced online content with tutoring and networking between course attendees.

Andy Dorling, general manager of the IDM, said: “The future of intelligent marketing will not just be dependent on investing in the latest technological advancements. It will require skilled marketing teams to interpret data, analyse trends, and integrate technology and AI software to develop a cohesive marketing strategy.

“In the same way that businesses have developed data strategies, many are now realising the need to have an AI strategy to develop a competitive advantage. Our new training will help organisations to use AI strategically, sustainably and ethically.”

The SDSA is based at the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton. Dame Wendy Hall, a government adviser and head of the SDSA, said: “People need to have greater trust in how the data and marketing industry use data and this in turn will give us better data to feed into the AI algorithms we use.

“By providing industry professionals with the skills and ethical guidelines to use AI responsibly, this will help to increase trust.”