NEWS21 December 2021

IDG Communications acquires B2B marketing intelligence platform

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US – Technology and data services provider IDG Communications has acquired LeadSift, a Canadian-based B2B sales and marketing intelligence platform.

Chess pieces denoting the merger of two companies

LeadSift uses proprietary artificial intelligence and data mining technologies to extract actionable insights for B2B marketers from millions of data points across the web. Delivered as a daily digest of data, LeadSift’s algorithms uncover leads that demonstrate intent to buy, allowing B2B marketers to “craft the appropriate messaging for outreach and sales follow-up, resulting in robust new business opportunities”, according to a statement released by IDG.

“The buying journey for B2B technology purchases are extremely complex and involve multiple decision-makers,” said LeadSift co-founder Sreejata Chatterjee. “Having a view into those intent signals at the contact level provides a massive competitive advantage and directs your sales team to engage with the right buyers at the right time.”

IDG president Kumaran Ramanathan added: “Expectations of tech marketers have never been higher as the technology landscape continues to become more competitive. By positioning IDG at the intersection of media and MarTech, we help B2B marketers navigate the customer journey across a dynamic ecosystem by leveraging unmatched data sets. LeadSift’s technology is further enhancing our unique intent data that drives ROI for our customers.”