NEWS11 April 2017

ICM unveils policy and campaign evaluation tool

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UK – ICM Unlimited has launched the Policy Emotional Certainty Score (PECS), a tool that combines opinion research with an emotional component to pre-evaluate policy ideas and campaign messages. 

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The PECS is a single measure aimed at policy-makers, political campaigners and communications experts who are seeking to understand at an early stage in the developmental process whether or not their concept has the potential to bring about behavioural or attitudinal changes. 

The measure has been developed by Martin Boon, director at ICM Unlimited (pictured), and combines ‘explicit survey response with implicit attitude testing, merged together via a data science algorithm'.  

“Using cutting edge research technology and data science tools, the PECS Index complements traditional polling by integrating the subconscious beliefs of voters: how much do people responding to a poll really believe what they are saying?" said Boon.

"Too often political and policy campaigns have focused on what is explicitly seen to be important rather than what moves people, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. This tool will help guide policy-makers frame and deliver their message in a much more resonant way.”