NEWS13 July 2010

ICM Direct launches in-depth phone interviews


UK— Telephone and online data collection specialist ICM direct has launched Tele-depth, a new service offering in-depth telephone interviewing services.

The firm said that in-depth interviews will be carried out by a team of “very experienced” business interviewers from its call centre in Stevenage.

ICM Direct said that the new offering would also allow it to conduct multi-mode research for clients, such as carrying out in-depth follow up interviews over the phone with respondents who have already taken part in an online quant study.

Production director Neil Sykes (pictured) said: “This new service allows clients to use one fieldwork agency to execute multiple research tasks.”

He said that examples of this were carrying out phone interviews with respondents who had chosen not to take part in an online study and using the same interviewers for all stages of a survey, including recruitment and follow-up interviews.


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10 years ago

I must say 8.30 on a sunday night is not when one expects to be receiving phone calls to answer surveys - especially when listed on a DO NOT CALL register! I chose to answer the survey in this instance simply because the caller was polite and not pushy! Perhaps Aussie pollsters could take some lessons here. For some reason (probably cost-driven) research companies here have taken to using rude, hard to understand, pushy researchers based either in India or the Phillipines who waste your time and have poor English skills and even worse manners. Without fail I now hang up on them.

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