NEWS20 December 2011

ICM adds crisis management service

Technology UK

UK— ICM Research has launched a new crisis management service to help clients deal with events that can affect both the brand and its bottom line.

The agency uses “fast-turnaround” tracking research to predict how the public is likely to react to a crisis, measure the effect of the crisis while it is happening and test messages and strategies to remedy any damage.

As well as the fast track research element of the service, ICM will also use qual and quant techniques to “play out” the possibilities of any potential crises and deploy tracking techniques to see how it develops over time.

Research director Emily Hunt (pictured), who will lead the new service, said: “As we enter the very uncertain business environment of 2012, our experience tells us that many companies will need to have a system in place to test strategies and messages to remedy the sort of damage that a crisis can cause.”