NEWS12 April 2024

IAS expands TikTok brand safety features


UK – Media measurement and optimisation platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has expanded its brand safety and suitability measurement on social media app TikTok to include new features.

TikTok app

The new features include category exclusion and vertical sensitivity segments, which allow advertisers to avoid content unsuitable to their brand.

The features will be added to IAS’s artificial intelligence tool Total Media Quality (TMQ) and the company is also expanding its brand safety and suitability measurement on TikTok t 11 additional countries, bringing the total to 62.

Lisa Utzschneider, chief executive at IAS, said: “The rapid adoption of short-form video on social platforms like TikTok created demand for next-generation solutions that can provide protection and performance for advertisers.

“As the first independent, third-party digital media quality provider offering an end-to-end brand safety solution for TikTok, global advertisers now have access to AI-backed solutions to safeguard and scale their brands across one of the largest and fastest-growing social platforms around the globe.”

Chen-Lin Lee, global head of measurement and data partnerships at TikTok, added: “TikTok is continuously building and refining our brand safety and suitability solutions for advertisers, and evolving to stay ahead of emerging needs.

“We are excited to be partnering with trusted third-party measurement provider IAS to complement our own TikTok inventory filter, and our new brand suitability controls category exclusion and vertical sensitivity, so advertisers are confident in the tools that empower them to connect with our community.”