NEWS15 April 2020

IAPP conducts pandemic privacy research

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US – The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has launched a member survey on how privacy programmes are affected by Covid-19.

Conceptual image of data privacy using lock

The research aims to explore how organisations are responding to the outbreak, how data collection and sharing practices have been affected, and the impact of the pandemic on privacy programmes in future.

Covid-19 has raised a number of concerns around privacy as various initiatives are launched to track the spread of the virus.

Privacy professionals are “uniquely positioned” to balance the benefits of data use against the risks of data misuse, the IAPP said in a blog post.

“As health and medical professionals work to bring this epidemic to an end, privacy professionals can work to ensure individuals’ fundamental rights to privacy and dignity are properly balanced with other fundamental rights, including the rights to safety and security,” wrote Müge Fazlioglu, senior research fellow at the organisation.

The IAPP is calling on in-house privacy and IT professionals to complete the survey