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NEWS27 September 2016

IAB promotes new ad formats

News UK

UK — The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has unveiled a new portfolio of online ad formats as part of a drive to improve online experience and reduce ad blocking. 

The IAB’s current portfolio of 33 ad formats is to be significantly reduced to include only those ad formats that are: flexible (in that they use responsive design to automatically resize to best fit whatever device they're served on); and compliant with LEAN principles (light file size, encrypted, ad choices-enabled and non-invasive). 

The new formats were created by IAB Tech Lab and chosen based on a combination of industry feedback, consumer research and testing. They comprise display ads and native ads, as well as emoji ads, 360 degree image and video ads and virtual and augmented reality ads. They are currently due to debut in early 2017, following a period of public comment, which runs until the end of November. 

“These represent the next generation of online ads and will suit all parties involved,” said Steve Chester, the IAB’s director of data & industry programmes.

“Consumers will get a better ad experience whilst the industry can focus on a smaller number of ad formats which significantly reduces complexity. It’s all about quality over quantity – a mantra the digital industry perhaps hasn’t adhered to often enough – which should help reduce ad blocking.”