NEWS19 June 2013

IAB picks Firefish to measure consumer multi-screening

New business UK

UK — The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) has selected Firefish to head up a major research project to examine how consumers move from one device to another to navigate along the purchase journey.

The research will use qualitative techniques and a quantitative survey which will aim to translate consumer insights into practical guidance for media owners that want to monetise their content across devices as well as advertisers who want to execute effective ad campaigns that fit in with the way consumers jump across devices in their day to day lives.

The study will also include Firefish’s ‘autoethnography’ device FishEye which takes a picture every 3-12 seconds to build up an image of the wearer’s day and is then used as stimulus for a follow up interviews to understand the behaviour viewed.

Firefish was selected for the project after a consultancy period with industry members including a research steering group made up of representatives from the IAB, The Telegraph, Havas Media and Weve who oversaw the tender and selection process.

IAB director of research & strategy Tim Elkington said: “It’s really important to our members that we fully understand how, why, when and where people are using different digital devices to access content and to make purchases. Working with Firefish will enable us to truly observe what’s happening, rather than having to rely on reported data.”

The results of the project will be made available to IAB members in October.