NEWS13 June 2013

IAB launches online targeted advertising awareness campaign

Privacy UK

UK — The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) has launched an awareness campaign aimed at explaining the role of targeted online advertising to consumers and how privacy can be safeguarded.


Designed by Mediacom, the ‘unzipped’ campaign is the first of a pan-European campaign to boost consumer understanding of targeted advertising campaigns and enable consumer choice regarding online interest-based or behavioural advertising.

The unzipped campaign features a zip with statements such as “How do websites know which adverts suit your interests?” and opens to reveal the blue triangular AdChoices icon which has been appearing on behavioural ads in the UK and EU markets for over a year.

When clicked, the ad links to a page explain the role of online advertising and how privacy can be safeguarded.

IAB UK director of regulatory affairs Nick Stringer said: “The ultimate aim of the campaign is that, by giving people better information and more control, they make more informed decisions. It also enables relevant advertising to support innovation on the internet which helps provide the ever-increasing range of online services people rely on so heavily in their daily lives.”