NEWS17 April 2020

IAB Europe launches digital ad effectiveness measurement framework

Europe Media News

BELGIUM – Digital advertising and marketing industry association IAB Europe has developed an effectiveness framework for those buying digital media research.

IAB Europe intends to provide a set of definitions, metrics and measures in three areas of digital advertising effectiveness: media, brand and sales effectiveness.

The framework has been established in response to research IAB Europe conducted with senior executives at measurement companies in 2019, which found a lack of common language or definitions across the industry. 

The organisation’s research committee and measurement task force has also worked with the measurement companies within its membership to produce a map of suppliers operating in this area.

Townsend Feehan, chief executive, IAB Europe, said: "As most research companies use different definitions and methodologies, it can be confusing for stakeholders to understand what research they should undertake to measure their advertising effectiveness and be able to compare like with like. We believe a common ‘lingua franca’ and set of standards will remove this fragmentation and help accelerate more investment and understanding of digital advertising research."