NEWS28 July 2016

IAB addresses biggest digital ad issues

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UK – The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) has published the first summary of its ‘IAB Believes’ initiative looking at the most significant challenges facing digital advertising. 

The five issues it identified as most important were: brand safety, viewability, ad fraud, ad blocking and privacy.

For brand safety, 36 companies trading digital display ads are now certified against DTSG Good Practice Guidelines; it has launched the second certification of viewability vendors to reduce discrepancies and has developed a certification programme and created Good Practice Principles for ad fraud.

IAB UK has launched DEAL, a set of options to help publishers with ad blocking and when tackling privacy, it has set up a working group to respond to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Guy Phillipson, IAB UK’s CEO, said: "Despite growing at its fastest rate for seven years, digital advertising continues to face a number of medium term challenges. We’ve made good progress but, of course, there’s still plenty of work to be done, by everyone involved in the industry."