NEWS28 April 2010

I to I launches online content analysis tool iCite

Data analytics UK

UK— Communications research agency I to I Research has rolled out a tool to analyse online conversations, where they are happening and who is driving the discussions.

The iCite tool, which stands for Internet Content Influence and Traction Evaluation, has already been put through its paces by UK government departments, Barclaycard and Philips.

Internet search and aggregation software is combined with human analysis to investigate which brand- or product-relevant messages are emerging most frequently online, and whether they are on-strategy, positive or negative.

The research can either be used to track events in real-time or retrospectively, according to I to I.

Research director Tracy Hubbard said: “Tracking brand reputation and issues online has become essential… organisations need to know what is being said by whom about their brands in the online space. Only then can organisations and brands start to engage with target audiences, build relationships, increase positivity and address any negativity.”