NEWS11 February 2010

HPI test-drives community research with FairGround


UK— HPI is dipping its toes into online community waters with a site that invites people interested in issues around fairtrade and ethical consumerism to connect, debate and take part in polls and surveys.

Terry Prue

Terry Prue

The project is overseen by senior partner Terry Prue, and has attracted the attention of a number of companies, including the Co-Op, Thorntons and Nestle – though as yet the site remains at a very early stage of its development.

Conceived principally as a “test bed” and a way to experiment with managing a research community, Prue said there is scope to craft a commercial offering out of the site, called HPI FairGround.

One possible use for it is as a testing ground for new product ideas and advertising concepts to see how they resonate with ethically and sustainability-minded consumers.