NEWS18 June 2012

Honomichl: US top 50 agencies grow 5.1% in 2011

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US— Revenue growth for the Top 50 US market research agencies was 5.1%, or an inflation-adjusted 2.9% in 2011, according to industry watcher Jack Honomichl.

His latest report, published by AMA’s Marketing News, saw Nielsen and Kantar holding firm as the first and second-largest agencies – with 25% of the top 50’s total growth attributable to Nielsen alone.

Ipsos rose from seventh to third, thanks to last year’s £525m takeover of Synovate, replacing IMS Health, the healthcare research firm, which dropped from to eighth after its new private investor owners redefined market research in their company accounts, resulting in lower overall figures.

The top 10 agencies are:

US Rank 2011US Rank 2010OrganisationUS Research Revenue ($m)% change from 2010
37 – Ipsos;
5 – Synovate
78GfK USA279.0-5.4
83IMS Health270.07.0
910The NPD Group188.97.9
1011ICF International177.916.1

Newcomers to the ranking include YouGov ( 35 ), following its US management reshuffle, StrategyOne ( 46 ), Chadwick Martin Bailey ( 47 ) and The Link Group ( 49 ).

Spending for statistical programmes by agencies of the US federal government, which amounted to $6.2bn in 2011 were down 1.4% from 2010 – a sharp reversal from the two previous years, both of which saw increases of 13%.

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