NEWS6 October 2010

Hispanic broadcaster Adelante signs up with Arbitron

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US— Hispanic radio station owner Adelante Media Group has signed up to use Arbitron’s portable people meter (PPM) and traditional diary ratings across all its broadcast markets.

The firm, which was previously called Bustos Media, operates 25 radio stations in nine of Arbitron’s markets, including Sacramento, Seattle, Boise and Salt Lake City. Adelante also owns four stations in Portland and syndicates its Mexican station, Le Gran D, nationwide.

Jay Meyers, the broadcaster’s CEO said: “As a new broadcast company serving the fastest growing segment of the US population, Adelante has followed the industry debate closely. We recognise and appreciate the excellent progress Arbitron has made refining the representativeness of their sample.”

Arbitron’s chief sales and marketing officer Carol Hanley added: “With the Arbitron ratings services, Adelante Media can give advertisers the evidence they need to effectively reach today’s Hispanic consumer.”