NEWS22 October 2018 launches personal analytics platform

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US – Consumer analytics and insights platform, which allows people to access insights on how they use social media platforms, has launched to the public.

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The analytics service allows users to analyse and understand more about how they use technology platforms such as Facebook. The platform draws on a regulation put in place by GDPR, which stipulated that such platforms must allow European users to access their data. has developed a platform that will crawl through a user’s raw data from sites such as Facebook, Google and Instagram, to provide insights such as which content they are engaging most with and which days of the week they are most active.

The technology means individuals do not have to search through large raw data files to find insights.

Hari Rajagopalan, founder of Hey.AI, who formerly worked in analytics at Google, said: "I realised Facebook had over 10 years of my life events, and I had a lot of questions about myself. I began asking my friends what they wanted to know about their Facebook and Google data, and built an analytics platform to answer those questions." 

According to a release issued by the company, it plans to generate revenue by charging users for premium insights and features, and analytics on premium-only networks.