NEWS10 May 2013

H&D Ventures books into theatre analytics

Data analytics UK

UK — The creators of the Tesco Clubcard scheme, Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn, have branched out onto the stage with an investment into theatre analytics.

The Dunnhumby founders, now running H&D Ventures, are investing a ‘seven-figure’ sum into theatre analytics company Purple Seven in a move that could help unlock £250m of commercial opportunities for theatres.

Purple Seven currently analyses records from around 19m audience members in the UK with links to around 75% of theatres and venues in the UK.

Speaking to Research, Dunn said that the ultimate aim was to give people who book performances a better experience.

“If they have a better experience, if they are more excited and more engaged with what they are offered, they will come more often,” she said.

She added: “If we can build loyalty then we can bring in more sales, we can fill theatres better and bring more money into the arts that’s commercial.”

Purple Seven is developing an app from its existing website offering – How was it for You? – which will offer customers recommendations for shows based on their preferences and highlight promotional deals.

Dunn added: “I think people like to say whether things were good or bad for them. ‘How was it for You?’ is a very nice question, isn’t it?”