NEWS25 May 2018

Havas Group launching Montréal innovation centre

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CANADA – Havas Group is opening an innovation centre focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and customer experience, based in the offices of Havas Montréal.  

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The aim of the centre, a joint effort between BETC, Havas New York and Havas Montréal, is to use AI to monitor customer journeys and develop predictive, automated user experiences for clients in North America and Europe.

The holding company plans to employ 60 data science, customer experience, AI and programming specialists at the centre by the end of 2020.

The centre’s development will be supervised by Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, chief executive of Havas Montréal, and Pierre-Benoît Lemieux, who has been named vice-president of customer experience.

Yannick Bolloré, chief executive of Havas Group and chairman of Vivendi, said: "The city is a nerve centre for innovation and an AI hotbed, making Havas Montréal the ideal agency to provide full-service support in the development of AI-based solutions for brands."

Paul Marobella, chairman and chief executive of Havas Creative, North America, said: "The centre is an extension of existing AI capabilities critical to our business. It will allow us to scale capabilities to meet client needs by leveraging a critical mass of talent, including both creatives and technologists."