NEWS22 July 2016

Havas Group launches new media network

Europe Media News

FRANCE — Havas Group has launched its third media network, FullSIX Media, alongside existing networks Havas Media and Arena Media. 

Yannick bollore crop

This follows Havas’ acquisition of the FullSIX Group in 2015. 

From September 1, Havas’ existing Forward Media network will join forces with FullSIX Media, resulting in a global network with a presence across Europe, Latin America and the US.

Marco Tinelli, founder and CEO of the FullSix Group, is joining the Havas Media Group executive committee and will lead the transformation, alongside the executive team. FullSIX Media will remain autonomous in its innovation, vision and trading assets, but will  be fully integrated with the Havas Media Group capabilities on a global scale. 

"The integration of the FullSIX Group within the Havas Group has been a real success and has brought enormous added value to the creative side of our business," said Yannick Bolloré (pictured), CEO of the Havas Group.

"We are therefore delighted to be able to replicate this winning model to our media assets by launching FullSIX Media, a unique offering on the market to accompany our clients through their digital transformation."