NEWS8 November 2011

Harris unveils digital WOM measurement service

North America Trends

US— Harris Interactive has launched a new panel-based approach to measuring digital word-of-mouth, which it calls Word-of-Network (WON).

WON is billed as the first panel-based approach “to measuring word-of-mouth as it manifests in social media”. Harris recruited an opt-in panel of 50,000 people, whose social media activity is monitored for mentions of brands or topics.

Harris executive vice president Jeni Lee Chapman said: “We know not only what is being said, but, more importantly, what is being said by a given target market. That level of distinction is vital to most marketers and is what makes WON different from other social-media monitoring systems.”

WON is part of the company’s BrandLife Tracking program, which is powered by Harris’s Lifestreaming methodology.