NEWS2 July 2010

Harris lifts lid on consumers’ pathways to purchase


UK— Harris Interactive has developed a new framework for analysing the way consumers make purchase decisions.

The firm presented the Pathways to Purchase report at this week’s Insight Show, demonstrating “six distinct pathways” that a consumer takes in the buying process, starting with the idea to buy and finishing at the final moment of decision.

Harris carried out a qualitative study incorporating in-depth interviews to map out the six “pathways” that consumers take when they buy products, such as carrying out research or speaking to advisers. Also included in the survey were consumers who buy products on the spur of the moment and those who know exactly what they are going to purchase before they set out.

The research covered 20 product categories. Harris said that the study’s framework could be used in specific custom studies in the future.

Kevin Ford (pictured), global co-director for brands and communications consulting at Harris, said: “We’re delighted to launch this Pathway to Purchase framework. It will provide our clients with insight into their target audience that is crucial for effective marketing, filling an important gap in the research industry.”