NEWS13 August 2013

Harris continues Google partnership with QuickQuery Instant

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US — Harris Interactive has launched a quick survey tool for companies looking for ad hoc, fast-turnaround survey results. 

The company said its new QuickQuery Instant (QQi) service is optimised for short quantitative surveys among either general population or high-incidence targeted populations, and can, in many cases, deliver final results in less than a day.

It’s aimed at bridging the gap between full-service research and DIY tools like Google’s Consumer Surveys (GCS) platform, which powers the new service.

GCS acts as a ‘survey wall’ on the websites of its publisher partners, requiring internet users to answer several quick questions before granting them access to premium content.

Harris Interactive’s president and CEO Al Angrisani (pictured) said: “The beauty of the new QQi offering is that with the survey wall methodology, everybody wins: our clients get fast, affordable answers to their research questions; internet users get access to premium content by completing simple tasks; and web publishers – who receive small payments for each completed interview – get an option to effectively monetise their content without having to erect the dreaded pay wall.”

Harris’s partnership with GCS stretches back to last year when it agreed a collaboration with Google to allow brands to collect customer satisfaction data through GCS and to benchmark themselves against industry competitors.

QuickQuery Instant is an extension of Harris’s existing QuickQuery fast-turnaround omnibus service.


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11 years ago

Very limited, extract from the white paper "Since Google Consumer Surveys only allows one-question or screening two-question surveys, analysis of the relationships between surveys are difficult or sometimes not even possible....." I also worry how consumers would feel about the use of the doubleclick cookie

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