NEWS16 October 2013

Hall & Partners names new global brand and marketing team

People UK

UK — Hall & Partners has established a new global brand and marketing team, under the leadership of global marketing and communications director Ashley Walker (pictured).

The announcement:

Hall & Partners (H&P) today announced a new global brand & marketing team. Led by Ashley Walker, global marketing and communications director, the team includes new joiners, Jason Beltran, marketing director (based in New York), Soraya Amorim, brand director (based in London) and Alice Smith, creative services executive (based in London) as well as H&P veterans Nick Helm, creative director (based in London) and Adonis Bellezar, marketing specialist (based in Los Angeles).

“We want to inspire storytelling. We are in the business of identifying what really matters within the ever-increasing tidal wave of information available to businesses. Traditional research does not always cut through and identify what really matters or provide innovative ways to tell their stories and inspire action,” said global CEO Vanella Jackson.

Data visualisation has taken many new forms in the last few years. Infographic search volumes have increased 800 percent in the last 2 years alone, according to the social network Digg, while Social Bakers reports that photos make up 93 percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

Walker commented: “I’m thrilled about the talent of our team. In our world of ‘big data’, being able to translate insights into succinct ways to share a company’s story are not only visually interesting, but also helpful internally with rallying a team behind a common vision and putting it into action. We want to encourage people to share information, stories, and pictures as a way to drive viral dispersion and connect in more meaningful ways.”