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Half of consumers willing to share their data, says survey

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FRANCE — Nearly half of consumers are willing to share their digital information with brands in exchange for relevant and useful advertising, according to research from IPG Mediabrands and Microsoft.

The research said that 45% of consumers were open to sharing all their digital data collected over six months in exchange for better ads.

In addition, the research found that 59% of consumers were willing to buy a product or service from a brand that offered a reward in exchange for their digital data and 48% realised that their digital identity had value.

However, only 36% of consumers were willing for brands to track their digital behaviour if this meant more optimised shopping experiences.

The research said that the maturing of consumers’ relationships with technology provided new challenges and brands needed to look at how to engage and reward consumers for sharing their personal information and not just delivering an ad impression.

Microsoft principal researcher Bill Buxton commented: “Technology is beginning to recede from something that is just a device or a website, into people’s physical, social and cultural environment. It should quietly augment, nurture and facilitate our lives, not as intrusions, but as companions, that work seamlessly together and make our lives better.”

Concerns over data gathering have been growing and in an interview with Research Live, director of privacy pressure group big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles said people were becoming more aware of the commoditization of their data.

“People expect their privacy to be respected and as soon as companies start to get near the profiteering line, trust breaks down and you start to lose customers, and companies that sell themselves as privacy-friendly will take those customers away,” he said.


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11 years ago

Probably this research had a response rate of 25%, so it is only 12.5% of the consumers willing to share their data!

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