NEWS17 July 2019

Hackney schools in census early access programme

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UK – Almost 40 schools in the London borough of Hackney have signed up to a free education programme to teach primary school children about the census.

Girl in maths class

The Let’s Count! initiative developed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) teaches children about the census while improving their skills across a range of subjects from maths to geography.

In the run up to Census 2021, it is initially being run in schools in Hackney with the other three areas chosen to take part in a census rehearsal this autumn being Tower Hamlets, Ceredigion and Carlisle.

The 2019 rehearsal is an end-to-end test of the census taking place in four selected local authority areas. The ONS will invite all households in these areas to fill in a census rehearsal questionnaire.

The 2019 rehearsal is an opportunity for ONS to test systems, services and processes to make sure that Census 2021 is as accurate and runs as smoothly as possible.

Pete Benton, director of census operations, said: “The census is a great teaching tool. Let’s Count! provides an engaging way into key topics like maths and geography – while helping build awareness and understanding of the census. We’ve worked with teachers to develop content that works for them and are excited to see how it works for the schools in Hackney.”