NEWS26 January 2016

Guardian to create new data and insight team

Media News UK

UK — The Guardian has unveiled a new three-year business plan to enhance operating efficiency, reduce costs and secure new growth opportunities. 

Part of the plan, announced yesterday, will involve creating a new data and insight team ‘to support editorial and commercial innovation'. 

The plan also involves a target of 20% cuts to the news organisations’ costs, the relaunch of an enhanced membership offer and the implementation of an advertising model that tracks evolving market trends, particularly around branded content, video and data. Work to deliver these objectives is to begin immediately. 

“Over the next three years, a growing and far deeper set of relationships with our audience will result in a reimagining of our journalism, a sustainable business model and a newly-focused digital organisation that reflects our independence and our mission,” said Katharine Viner, Guardian News & Media editor-in-chief.