NEWS29 September 2023

GRBN commissions study to measure business impact of research

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GLOBAL – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) is conducting research to measure the business impact of insight teams within client organisations. 


The research, conducted by consultancy Cambiar and aided by Jibunu, uses a maturity model to understand the evolution of insight.

MRS, Insights Association and The Research Society are supporting the research.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) developed the initial insights business maturity model in 2008 and updated it in conjunction with Cambiar and Yale University in 2015. 

Following the 2015 research, which found that 20% of companies sampled had insights functions operating at the higher end of the model (qualifying them as "strategic partners" or "sources of competitive advantage"), BCG and GRBN partnered to make available an online self-assessment model. 

This year’s study, commissioned by GRBN, uses this tool as its core base for benchmarking the progress made since 2015. 

The survey generates a company maturity score by interviewing people in three categories: consumer insights managers and professionals; business partners and stakeholders of consumer insights; and senior management. 

“In this way, we can obtain a rounded view of the perceived impact of consumer insights within any particular company,” said Simon Chadwick, managing partner at Cambiar. “Without multiple responses from these three constituencies, we cannot report back to a company on the maturity of their insight function and we cannot include that company in the overall computation of the model itself.”

Each national member association is sending out survey invite links to corporate members, inviting them to participate and then pass it on to colleagues, business partners and senior management.

Outcomes of the research will include a global model report and individual company feedback in terms of maturity level and key maturity drivers.

Jane Frost, chief executive, the Market Research Society, said: “An appreciation for the importance of evidence is at the heart of our sector and this of course extends to how we demonstrate the value which insights deliver for organisations. GRBN’s research will help to underscore the impact that insight professionals and teams have on business performance and how we can continue to solidify our role in driving better decisions in the boardroom.”