NEWS17 October 2012

Gov't told to buy MR based on business problems, not methodology

Government UK

UK— The Market Research Society (MRS) has called on the UK government to introduce a two-stage or restricted procurement process as it looks to replace the former COI buying framework.

In its response to the Government Procurement Service (GPS), the MRS said government should “focus on procuring research services to address specific business problems within government as opposed to procuring research solely by research methodology”.

“Research methodologies are tools, not research business solutions,” the MRS said.

It has proposed a tentative lot structure for the framework, covering areas including policy and strategic plan formulation, performance tracking and problem identification, stakeholder approval and operational management.

MRS has also put forward the Research Buyers Guide, its directory of companies, as a potential ‘open’ lot on the framework.

“Research is an intellectual capital and creative service depending on skills, training and intellectual capacity,” said MRS. “It is highly labour intensive, and often requires high levels of customisation and interaction service rather than one based on a ‘methodology menu’. As such any marking criteria used to evaluate research services should be based on assessing whether a proposed solution is fit for purpose and good value for money; not on lowest cost. Lowest cost does not equate with value for money.”

The COI closed in March. It’s roster of research agencies transferred to the Government Procurement Service following the closure, but the roster review – due to be held in September – has been delayed.

Pictured is Jane Frost, CEO of MRS.


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10 years ago

Imagine how much could be charged to agencies to be the buyers guide!

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