NEWS21 October 2013

Google turns Consumer Survey question limit up to 10

North America Technology

US — Google Consumer Surveys (GCS) is expanding. The company announced last week that it would be increasing the number of questions asked per respondent from two to 10.

This marks a significant revision to the initial design of GCS, which was built around the idea of a ‘surveywall’ – a system that prompted web users to answer a couple of quick questions in order to gain access to premium website content.

GCS has always allowed survey designers to create surveys of more than two questions in length, however respondents would only ever be presented with a maximum of two questions from any given survey, and one of those questions would always be the respondent screener.

But in a Google+ blog post, the GCS team said: “Our research customers tell us that they love our efficiency and the ability to access respondents who wouldn’t sign up for traditional research panels. However, they often find our two-question constraint too limiting. They need cross-tabs, multiple filters, segmentation, and custom metrics. Our top feature request has been the ability to ask more questions.

“Starting today, you’ll be able to ask the same respondent up to 10 questions at a time. To make this possible, we’ve extended our ‘surveywall’ experience, offering respondents the ability to answer a few more questions for additional content. We refined and tested the design, confirming that our respondents are happy to answer these additional questions. Then we ran validation studies and showed that results from longer surveys are consistent with external benchmarks and our own shorter surveys.”

GCS expanded earlier this year to include a website satisfaction survey option, separate to its ‘surveywall’ system.