NEWS16 August 2013

Google to track what people see

North America Technology

US — Google is creating a device that tracks what the wearer sees according to a patent awarded in the States this week.

Although not mentioned, the patent did imply the use of Google Glasses as it described a “gaze tracking technique” that is implemented with a “head mounted gaze tracking device” according to the patent documents.

Scenes are transmitted to a server, which then identifies items that are being looked at and then performs “latent pre-searches on at least a portion of the items viewed by the user to generate latent search results”.

In addition, the patent claimed it could track the emotional state of the viewer through pupil dilation.

The document claimed that it inferred “an emotional state of the user while viewing the external scenes based at least in part upon the pupil dilation information; and sorting an emotional state indication associated with one or more of the identified items”.