NEWS7 November 2022

Google, Apple and Samsung world’s ‘most inspiring’ brands

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US – Technology firms Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon have been named among the world’s “most inspiring” brands, according to research from Wunderman Thompson.

Google HQ

Wunderman Thompson’s Inspire Score, now in its third year, gave top spot to Google, with Apple, Samsung and Amazon rounding out the top four places, with Colgate in fifth.

The Inspire Score is a brand diagnostic tool that identifies the brand attributes that fuel growth, with the rankings based on an audit of more than 340,000 studies of 57,000 brands worldwide.

Tesla and Uber were among the brands that increased their scores in this year’s list, with a large number of automotive brands featuring in the top 100.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp also performed well, with TikTok making its debut in the top 100.
Netflix rose into the top 20 of the list, while Disney+ also made its first appearance.

Mel Edwards, global chief executive officer at Wunderman Thompson, said: “The brands at the top of our list have shifted with the zeitgeist and placed themselves at the centre of people’s lives, perfectly positioning themselves to take advantage of inspiration as a powerful lever for growth.”

Neil Dawson, global chief strategy officer at Wunderman Thompson, added: “Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon have once again scored highly given their ability to elevate consumers, make them feel like they’re making a popular, exciting choice, and motivate them to accomplish their goals, but 30% of the top 100 were not in the top 100 last year.

“This reminds us that there is everything to play for when it comes to inspiration – these are metrics that brands can impact, thereby moving the needle on growth.”