NEWS25 September 2012

GMI makes survey tool ‘device agnostic’


UK— Global Market Insite (GMI) has anounced an update to its interactive survey tool which will see it become device agnostic.

GMI says that surveys can now be deployed across multiple platforms while retaining the same look and feel, regardless of how respondents access them. Previously, surveys designed for a specific platform could be blocked or suffer formatting issues when viewed in other browsers or devices.

Surveys are designed in HTML5 and use a proprietary questionnaire library to ensure consistent layout and format.

Martin Filz, managing director, EMEA at GMI (pictured), said: “Giving respondents the ability to take surveys on the device of their choice not only helps us to provide even higher quality data to our clients, but it will enable us to more effectively reach hard-to-reach audiences which will benefit tracking studies as well as a range of other projects.”