NEWS18 October 2016

Global market research industry worth $44.3bn

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GLOBAL — The market research industry saw net growth of 2.2% last year, reaching a total of US$44.3bn in 2015, according to the Esomar Global Market Research report 2016.

This is equal to 3.5% in absolute terms. This year’s report takes into account revenues generated by the data analytics sector, which adds an estimated $4.6bn to the global turnover. 

North America remains the largest region in 2015, as well as the fastest growing region. The US maintains its top position as the largest single market in the world, with growth of 3% following inflation.

Europe, as well as its three major markets: the UK, Germany and France, showed modest but important growth in 2015. Bulgaria became the region’s fastest growing single market with growth of 46.4% following inflation.

The 2016 report includes new data from Iceland, Somalia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia due to increased availability of market research revenue trends from these countries. 

The full report can be accessed here