NEWS19 April 2010

GfK taps mobile phones to monitor TV ad exposure in Germany

Europe Technology

GERMANY— GfK is attempting to measure the sales impact of TV ad campaigns through its Web Efficiency Panel (WEP), which was set up to tie online ad exposure to purchase behaviour.

Panel members have been equipped with modified mobile phones which record exposure to TV advertising through sound recognition. Recorded data is sent back via the phone’s network and GfK then uses statistical transmission information from Thomson Media Control to determine which programme the respondent was watching when they were exposed to the advert.

“This enables precise determination of which advertising campaign a particular panel participant viewed at what time,” said GfK in a statement. And because WEP panel members also record their retail purchases, the company should be able to measure which advert exposures generate the most impact on buying behaviour.

GfK says it is currently monitoring ad campaigns on Germany’s 11 largest commercial TV stations, accounting for more than 90% of TV advertising revenue. The WEP panel, meanwhile, comprises 20,000 individuals within 10,000 homes.

A UK version of the panel was launched in November last year, called the Media Efficiency Panel – covering both online and offline media consumption.