NEWS5 June 2020

GfK partners with Cint

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SWEDEN – Automated technology provider Cint has partnered with market research company GfK.

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Cint will help automate GfK’s sampling as part of an overhaul of its digital marketing and consumer insights business.

Partnering with Cint will also eliminate the need for manual management of project fieldwork, such as controlling and optimising sampling costs and ensuring feasibility.

Joshua Hubbert, chief operating officer at GfK, said: “Partnering with Cint will accelerate our path toward a programmatic approach to sample.
“Cint’s technology and supply partner integrations will allow us to transform and optimise our complex digital research operations.”

Greg Dunbar, executive vice-president of enterprise solutions, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by GfK and implementation is already well underway.

“Our goal is to provide value not only to GfK and its customers, but also to the whole sample supply ecosystem as the industry transitions increasingly towards supply-chain automation.”