NEWS10 July 2012

Gannett Broadcasting signs up with Rentrak

New business

US— Gannett Broadcasting has signed up to use Rentrak’s StationView Essentials TV ratings service in three markets.

The broadcaster will receive ratings for its stations WKYC-TV (NBC) in Cleveland, Ohio; KXTV-TV (ABC) in Sacramento, California; and WLTX-TV (CBS) in Columbia, South Carolina.

The addition of the three Gannett-owned stations brings the total number of local TV stations signed up to StationView Essentials to more than 180, Rentrak said.

Cathy Hetzel, corporate president and president of of advanced media and information at Rentrak, said: “Our continually expanding client roster is clear evidence of the marketplace appetite for what Rentrak offers to local broadcasters, agency and direct clients.”