NEWS7 February 2011

G4S picks ETS to design employee engagement study

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UK— Security giant G4S has commissioned human resources consultancy and software provider ETS to develop its global employee engagement survey.

The firm employs more than 625,000 staff in over 120 countries, such as airport security staff in Bangkok (pictured), and staff at prisons and sporting events.

G4S will run the survey between February and April this year, and will survey all employees through an online or paper version of the questionnaire. The survey will be carried out by G4S staff in each of the countries the firm operates in, and administrators will able to check response rates, report on results and examine trends in real time.

Jenni Myles, director of employee engagement and HR at G4S said: “As an organisation, we are committed to creating a collaborative culture and maximising employee engagement. But with many of our employees remotely based and working in high-risk areas, engaging with them is a unique challenge. For our survey we therefore need to adopt a very simple methodology, allowing us to focus on the areas that really matter to our employees and business, but with the addition of sophisticated reporting and benchmarking tools.”

The firm carried out its first employee engagement survey in 2009.