NEWS10 February 2016

Future tech trends rooted in data

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US — According to predictions from GfK, all of the ten key technology trends for 2016 will involve data in some way. 


The Tech Trends 2016 report outlines the trends that GfK believes will have the most impact on consumer needs and behaviour. These are: invisible analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video consumption, wearables, mobile payments, smart home, connected car, drones and 3D printing. Each of these sees data playing a key role. 

The report also identifies four themes that will affect how trends perform: confidence, communicate, capitalise and collaborate. 

"Every one of the ten trends in this edition of Tech Trends is connected with, and in some cases rooted in and borne from, data," the report reads. "As consumers become increasingly connected, they leave a trail of their interactions with businesses. That might be ordering their weekly groceries, to the time of day they do their banking, to the ads they’ve viewed, to the brands they love.

"Whether it’s the smart home, connected car, mobile payments, video viewing behaviour or gaming in virtual reality, all these tech trends generate data. Businesses and consumers alike will benefit from the sophisticated and sensitive use of it."