NEWS14 May 2010

FT develops new model for measuring average daily audience

Data analytics UK

UK— The Financial Times has introduced a new model for measuring its average daily global audience (ADGA) across print and online.

ADGA uses a combination of sources including syndicated national and regional readership surveys, unique user and browser data, the FT’s own reader research and ABC circulation figures, with duplicated consumption removed.

First data from the model comparing May and November 2009 showed an increase in the number of daily readers of FT content from 1.8m to 1.9m.

The FT aims to continue reporting data every six months and plans to increase the number of channels covered. The addition of mobile readership data is likely to be next as the newpaper already offers a free iPhone app, with an iPad app also in the works.

Global research director Anita Hague said: “AGDA offers our clients and their agencies a new way to better understand and quantify our audience in a multi-platform environment, and we hope it will appeal to other media owners as a useful tool to capture the true number of readers and users of content, in print and online.”