NEWS27 June 2023

Freewheel and MediaScience join forces on viewer research

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US – Global television advertising technology platform FreeWheel has partnered with media and advertising research and technology firm MediaScience on a viewer experience research initiative.

Couple watching TV

The initiative, called The Viewer Experience Lab, will carry out quantifiable research to help advertising buyers and sellers understand the impact of different advertising experiences on viewer experience and performance, including viewer response to new advertising formats.

The lab will also develop tools and technology to allow video content providers to implement best practices and provide seamless advertising viewing experiences in a multi-platform, premium video ecosystem.

The two companies have also launched a State of TV Advertising Viewer Experience Report, which analyses viewer experience and the industry’s approach to the subject.

Companies supporting The Viewer Experience Lab include A+E Networks, AMC, Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers Discovery and Paramount.

Mark McKee, general manager at FreeWheel, said: “Over the past few years, the ability for media companies to provide a uniform, quality experience across all the diverse platforms into which they now serve advertising has grown exponentially harder.

“Couple this with the reality that protecting their relationship with viewers has become paramount in an increasingly competitive ad marketplace, and you can see why we’re committed to helping our clients solve this complex challenge.”

Dr Duane Varan, chief executive at MediaScience, said: “We have completed extensive research into viewing experience, especially as it relates to the impact on advertising performance, but as the media world changes, our research needs to keep on evolving.

“We are thrilled that FreeWheel, with the support of its council of leading media companies, has chosen us to spearhead this important initiative.”