NEWS1 June 2010

FourthWall Media forms media measurement unit

US— Interactive television technology company FourthWall Media has formed a media measurement unit built around set-top box data analysis.

Bill Feininger will lead the division as senior vice president of media measurement. Feininger spent the past 15 years at Nielsen Media Research where he worked in an engineering capacity.

At FourthWall he will be responsible for all aspects of advanced and interactive advertising research, including business planning, product management and strategic partnerships.

CEO Tim Peters said: “If we could have invented someone for this job, we would have invented Bill Feininger. Bill has proven himself as a thought leader in media measurement, and specifically in the area of set-top box audience measurement.

“FourthWall Media will benefit not only from his wealth of experience from his many years at Nielsen, but also his established relationships in the industry.”

Feininger said that harnessing set-top box data is to television “what the introduction of the barcode was to the supermarket”.