NEWS5 August 2021

Forsta and Rybbon partner on survey rewards

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UK – Customer experience and research technology company Forsta has agreed a partnership with digital gifting platform Rybbon.

Jignesh Shah

The agreement will integrate Rybbon into Forsta’s survey importing tool Confirmit Horizons, and will help customers reward participants for completing surveys.

Respondents will be able to choose from a selection of rewards after completing a survey, and a money-back guarantee will exist for unclaimed or unused rewards.

Rybbon previous partnered with Confirmit, which formed Forsta following its merger with FocusVision earlier this year.

Jignesh Shah (pictured), chief executive of Rybbon, said: “We’re keen to dive into this partnership with Forsta, and together provide a strong blend of products that benefit end users.”

Andrew Miles, senior vice-president of technology partnerships and product integrations at Forsta, said: “We look forward to seeing how our new and existing customers use this tool to gain greater understanding from their customers to transform insights into action.”