NEWS2 June 2023

Forsta and Cint partner on ghost completes

CX Innovations News UK

UK – Market research, customer and employer experience technology firm Forsta and digital insights business Cint have agreed a partnership to combat survey fraud and improve data quality across the insights industry.

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The agreement will allow all Forsta customers using Cint will receive access to a secure environment where ghost completes (also known as link jumpers) are expected to be effectively eliminated by the end of June.

Forsta and Cint said that the collaboration would “eradicate a costly challenge and raise the standard for data quality in market research as a whole”.

Ghost completes occur when there is a false record of a respondent completing a survey that they have not actually completed.

Tobi Andersson, managing director at Forsta, said: “With Cint as our first non-exclusive partner, we’re thrilled to be bringing our market research customers the peace of mind that their time and resources spent on surveying panellists are producing quality data that drive intelligent insights.

“We’re excited to bring this technology to the broader market research industry in the long term.”

Oscar Carlsson, chief innovation officer at Cint, said: “Ghost completes have been an issue in our industry. This technology helps us reduce fraud and increase security.

“With Cint and Forsta’s technology directly connected via this server-to-server integration, market researchers can expect high-quality sample to help them produce accurate research with ease.”