NEWS17 March 2010

Former Yahoo execs launch data analytics agency

Data analytics North America

US— Two former Yahoo executives have launched a data analytics firm that boats a range of services designed to help companies measure and understand consumer intent, nPario.

Co-founders Bassel Ojjeh (left) and Krishna Uppala (right) were respectively senior vice president in the strategic data solutions division and senior director/architect at Yahoo. The two also worked together at Digimine (now Audience Science), which was founded by Ojjeh.

At nPario, Ojjeh will serve as president and CEO and Uppala will take the role of chief technology officer. They are joined by chief revenue officer and co-founder Basel Tutunji, who was previously at SAS.

Ojjeh said: “The digital world gives us an unprecedented opportunity to identify and understand the commercial intent of consumers in order to deliver the right message or product. At nPario, we believe that organisations stand to boost revenue by more than 10% if they harness the power of consumer intent.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive set of data products that focus on the vast amount of commercial behaviour data and generate immediate impact to their business and revenue.”

The new firm is based in Palo Alto, California.