NEWS28 November 2013

Former uSamp director launches NextON Services in India

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INDIA — Former uSamp India director Naim ul Qadar has launched NextON Services, a project management company specialising in online research.

NextON aims to work with both research buyers and online sample providers. With the former, it offers to manage sample, dealing with multiple panel vendors on their behalf. For the latter, NextON offers services to help optimise panel utilisation.

Qadar, NextON’s founder and CEO, said: “There are many inefficiencies in how research companies work with panel companies. While vendor management is often a resource drain for research companies, panel companies on the other hand are often concerned with maximising the utilisation of their panel. NextON brings high-value online sampling expertise and is positioned to fill in the project management gaps, which will help both sides generate additional value from working with each other.”