NEWS26 July 2022

Former Nielsen and Dynata execs found data company

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US – Five former Dynata, Kantar and Nielsen executives have launched a new data firm called Qrious Insight.

Rocket launch

The new company is co-founded by Andrew Moffatt, Mark Slobbe, Dave Nager, Kos Vankov and Tony Moffatt.

Qrious Insight has offices in the US, Republic of Ireland and Spain, and focuses on building behavioural data assets and communities, licensing omni-channel data, integrating measurement technologies, community engagement and conducting research based on observed behaviour.

The company uses a mobile app to passively collect millions of data points, which is used to understand consumers’ mobile behaviour, including app and web usage, shopping cart purchases, location and advertising exposure.

Andrew Moffatt, co-founder and chief executive at Qrious Insight, said: “Short, context driven research engagements based on actual behaviour result in more rewarding and sustainable panellist experiences.

“With our behavioural panels, we can observe apps used, websites and brick and mortar locations visited which gives researchers confidence in the respondents (as we can observe their entire digital behaviour) and the data collected (as it’s based on actual behaviour).”